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Discover your Wich Box

Simple and fast service

An authentic sandwich mobile unit

Last November, we showed you our new mobile concept with a unique design made of wooden material.

This 1m40 wide unit can be filled with 48 sandwich fillings for a fresh and fast food-to-go offer. At the top is a wood panel with a blackboard background showing the Croust'wich equation: Bread + Filling = Sandwich.

It is perfect to cover service hours for a flash sandwich offer.

Our mobile unit is already travelling in Europe. After a short trip in England, it will soon be showcased at the HORECA 2018 exhibit in Athens, Greece (February 09th to 12th).

Keep an eye on our news feed as it will probably be introduced at a few events...


Using Croust'wich will increase your sales by 20-30% thanks to a unique experience and an appealing display.

Width Croust'wich, you can prepare your sandwich fillings the day before and preserve them for up to 36 hours

Sandwiches made with Croust'wich are fresh and crispy as they are assembled at the very last moment. Give more choice to your customers with our system!

One employee can serve up to 120 meals during a lunch break with Croust'wich and assemble a sandwich in one quick move!