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Discover your Wich Box

Simple and fast service

A company that designs innovative equipment

ORequip' designs innovative equipment for the food service industry. Our Croust'wich concept, that has been implemented in different countries, has shown a real adaptability to different markets.

We take our customers' feedback into account and, with our experience, we improve our equipment and design new solutions in keeping with the food service sector's trends.


As fast food experts, we assist you

We pay close attention to the last trends and offers within the industry in order to bring you more groundbreaking solutions.

Our customers benefit from our savoir-faire with a training program, on site or online, with our trainers. Our Chefs will develop, with you, recipes that suit your clients' tastes. Our training program gives you all the keys to succeed in using our equipment.


An experience in layout design

We will guide you in implementing our concept in your shop, whether it be an existing location or a new project. Our commercial team is at your service to study, with you, your new layout.

Our expertise goes beyond the sandwich industry as we can assist you in any other food offer: from wok cuisine to pizza and cooked meals.


Examples of some layouts: agencement.pdf

Using Croust'wich will increase your sales by 20-30% thanks to a unique experience and an appealing display.

Width Croust'wich, you can prepare your sandwich fillings the day before and preserve them for up to 36 hours

Sandwiches made with Croust'wich are fresh and crispy as they are assembled at the very last moment. Give more choice to your customers with our system!

One employee can serve up to 120 meals during a lunch break with Croust'wich and assemble a sandwich in one quick move!