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Discover your Wich Box

Simple and fast service

ORequip', a company specialized in food service concepts

Our mission: creating innovatice solutions for the catering industry

With the Croust'wich concept, food service points of sale can now offer fresh assembled sandwiches to their customers. With our innovative equipment, we have the right solution for every need. Our patented concept, which is not a franchise, is expanding worldwide with about 1400 points of sale already equipped (Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc.).


A success story starting at a food exhibition

The whole idea of the Croust'wich concept came to us 8 years ago during the Europain exhibition. in France, there is no doubt that we know how to make good bread. But what a disappointment when we ordered our sandwiches during our lunch break! The service wasn't fast enough, and the bread was moist, without any crispness. There was definitely something to do about it to preserve all our delicious bread.

Since then, with our long field experience, we have developped solutions that can fir any need, any layout, from bakeries to points of sale with high sales volume.


3 main criteria: Quality, Fast service, Profitability

By keeping ourselves informes about the trends within the industry, we develop food service concepts with 3 keywords in mind:

- QUALITY: Our concepts allow points of sale to offer quality products.

- FAST SERVICE: Being able to serve customers in record time to meet high volumes during peak periods.

- PROFITABILITY: Increasing your sales, capturing new market shares, reducing your operating costs... Our ambition is to help you achieving such goals.


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  • 27 Dec 2013

    BBC News-Show about the French eating habbits

    From escargots to coq au vin to tarte tatin, no country has a greater affinity with food than France.
    But last year 54% of total restaurant turnover in this country went to fast food and sandwich shops. It's the first time "convenience" food has outstripped the market of the traditional French brasserie.

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  • 29 Sep 2014

    Croust'wich advertising video

    Croust'wich invested in a professional advertising video for the Croust'wich customers' shops.

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Using Croust'wich will increase your sales by 20-30% thanks to a unique experience and an appealing display.

Width Croust'wich, you can prepare your sandwich fillings the day before and preserve them for up to 36 hours

Sandwiches made with Croust'wich are fresh and crispy as they are assembled at the very last moment. Give more choice to your customers with our system!

One employee can serve up to 120 meals during a lunch break with Croust'wich and assemble a sandwich in one quick move!