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1. SALES CONTRACTS: All the sales contracts negotiated between our customers and our company are conducted on the acceptance, without exception, of the following general terms of sales. Consequently, in case of conflict between our terms and the ones of the buyer, our terms will prevail. These general terms of sales are for all the sales contracts.   2. VALIDITY OF PRICES AND OFFERS: The price-list as well as the prices indicated in our offers are always stated in Euros and Ex Works, except specific written mentions. Our offers have always a validity of 3 months, except specific written mentions. 3. ORDERS RECORDING: All orders must be written. In case of no written order signed by both parts, the order is conducted only at the moment we send our order confirmation. Modifications made after the order confirmation are valuable only if our company confirms them in written form. 4. DELIVERY DEADLINES: The deadlines stated in our offers are only indicative. Delays are due to circumstances outside our control. Orequip will do its best to respect the delivery schedules. 5. ORDER MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION : Any order modification or cancellation of our customer’s effected after our order confirmation has been sent, will not be accepted if the order has already been put into operation, either for supplying or manufacturing. The order will be charged proportionally to involved expenses. 6. TRANPORT: In any rate, the material is shipped at the consignee’s risk, whatever the terms of sales. Our position as sender for our customer does not involve our responsibility for damages caused by the carrier, chosen or not by our company. For any damages to the material, please make reserves to the carrier. Unless a written claim is send within 24 hours after delivery, our company shall not be able to give guarantee for damaged materials. 7. TRANSFER OF RESPONSABILITY: The responsibility for the delivered materials goes to the buyer at the latest at the moment the consignment, even if our company supports any additional service such as transport.  8. DRAWINGS AND DIAGRAMS: All drawings and diagrams used by our company to manufacture specific materials remain confidential. Any counterfeiting shall involve the responsibility of the buyer. 9. SPARE PARTS: The prices of spare parts are quoted in Euros, Ex Works. They are sent COD. 10. WARRANTY: Our material is guaranteed against defect for the period of one year from the delivery date. Glasses and glass doors are not guaranteed. This guaranty is limited on a normal use of the material, and does not include the damages due to misuse, faulty installation or wrong maintenance. The customer or the installer has to make sure that the installation fits the norms indicated in the technical instructions. The replacement of a part does not lead to an extension of the guarantee. Our company can not be considered as responsible for direct or indirect consequences of  
defects, and no indemnity shall be paid by our company. Our warrantee also does not work: - if the damage is due to a misuse, a mistake or a wrong maintenance from the customer. - if the damage is due to an intervention on the material without our approval. 12. PAYMENTS : Our invoices shall be paid cash in PEYNIER before the delivery. 13. PROPERTY : After delivery, the material remains our property until the complete payment of the invoiced price has been effected. During this period, the customer takes it upon himself to prevent or repair damages.  14. JURIDICTION: Any dispute is to be held before the juridiction of the Tribunal of Aix-en-Provence (French law) whatever mentioned on the commercial documents of our customers. This clause is also valuable for payment by draft.  15. ILLUSTRATIONS AND MODELS: Illustrations are for guidance only. This is also true for all documents, dimensions, descriptions which can be changed without notice. 16. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FINAL HOLDER: According to the article 18 of the decree n°2005-829 dated 20 July 2005 (Directive DEEE° related to the collection and the treatment of the electrical and electronical wastes, the customers will finance and organize the waste disposal (defined conditions in articles 21 and 22). In case of control, the producer can ask his customers to produce all documents proving that he carries out all the obligations transferred with the sales contract. For lack of communication of these documents, the customer will be supposed culprit and the manufacturer reserves himself a right to ask reparations of damages.

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